Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review - 5 Ups & 5 Downs

10. Down: The "Tutorial" Is Around 6-7 Hours Long

Kingdom come deliverance

In service of really putting you on the back foot, Henry's capabilities at the beginning are what it should feel like to start at level 0.

You don't even see a title card for a good three hours, as KCD is more concerned with loading you up with fetch quests and busywork, the opening village area being packed with conversations and characters to indulge in. Essentially, it's the Red Dead Redemption approach, and this is you herding cattle; establishing a comfort blanket of sorts that perfectly juxtaposes the "call to arms" monomyth narrative that comes after.

Following this opening slog - and it really is a slog - you'll finally get a chance to be taught real sword combat (unlocking the ability to parry and dodge), alongside eventually getting your own horse. It's here where Bohemia and the game open up, and you start culling nests of bandits, rubbing shoulders with the nobility and being let off your leash.

Surviving in this world takes time and dedication, and although this section remains supremely divisive, it's also incredibly rewarding.

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