Kingdom Hearts 4: Everything We Know So Far

This exact scene HAS to happen.


Square Enix announced that over 5 million copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 had shipped within the first week of its release, making it the fastest selling game in the series. With such a successful launch and one of the most loyal fanbases around, this isn't the end of the franchise.

The conclusion to the Dark Seeker Saga (be warned, there are spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 3 ahead) has left us with almost as many questions as when we started.

- SPOILERS follow -

The murder of Kairi, her apparent subsequent return and Sora’s disappearance, and the mysterious secret ending, are all now leading into the Foretellers’ story, born of the the mobile game Union X (because, Kingdom Hearts). This all alongside Master Eraqus’ and Xehanort’s mysterious chess game that seems to map out the events of Kingdom Hearts having started again, has left a feeling of “What the f-!”

It wouldn’t be a true Kingdom Hearts game if we weren’t left wanting more, and as director Tetsuya Nomura is talking pretty openly about Kingdom Hearts 4, here's everything we know about the next game so far.


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