Kingdom Hearts 4: Everything We Know So Far

5. There Will Be At Least One Spin-Off Before Kingdom Hearts 4

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With 13 Kingdom Hearts games in existence so far, this news will come as no surprise to fans of the franchise. In an interview given for the Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultimania fan book*, Tetsuya Nomura was asked about the possibility of another game.

He said there were no concrete development plans, but with many ideas for the series, any hypothetical Kingdom Hearts 4 may need to be sandwiched between other works.

After all, it would almost be a disappointment not to have this generations’ Chain Of Memories or Dream Drop Distance before we were rewarded with the next big title in the series.

And even though we had to wait a whopping 15 years between Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3, we’ve always received a new instalment within a three-year(ish) window of the most recent release and re-release. This, alongside Tetsuya Nomura (hopefully) devoting a lot of his attention on the Final Fantasy VII remake, would make sense that we would see another stepping-stone before the fourth instalment.

* The Ultimania collection is a series of additional information books solely released in Japan alongside the games that delve further into the stories and lore.


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