L.A. Noire 2: 5 Reasons Rockstar Should Make It (And 5 Reasons To Avoid)

A sequel sounds like a good idea for fans, but would Rockstar go through with it?


Upon release, L.A Noire became one of the most impressive video games of its time. Taking seven years to make, the project was a gamble for Rockstar, who arrived in 2006 to help publish, administering a large budget and making this detective thriller one of the most expensive games in 2011.

The favourable reception fuelled demand for a sequel. However, aside from a re-release in 2017 on current-gen consoles, players have been left in the dark about a follow-up, whether it be a spiritual successor or a direct continuation of the story.

L.A Noire left a strong legacy as an immersive experience which took heavy influence from classic noir literature, film and real crimes that took place in the 1940s. This heavy reputation, however, was attained through development hell as a result of Team Bondi’s work ethic, which may make L.A Noire 2 an unlikely and improbable addition to Rockstar's catalogue.

So, from both a business and consumer perspective, should Rockstar invest their time and budget into L.A Noire 2?


10. Why They Should: Rockstar Holds The Rights To The Game


The team behind L.A Noire, Team Bondi, entered liquidation in 2011 shortly after the game's release. Without the core team of developers behind the original product, the potential of a sequel faded into obscurity.

Although the original team has dissolved, Rockstar Games has not forgotten the significance of this 1940s thriller, highlighted through a re-release in November 2017 on current generation consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. This not only shows that Rockstar recognises L.A Noire as a successful venture, but highlights they're still proud to hold the rights to the game.

The possibility of an exclusively Rockstar developed sequel is valid. A similar situation arose with the release of the Max Payne series. Remedy Entertainment developed the first two titles with Rockstar on publishing duties. However, Rockstar took control over the third instalment and Remedy employees were consultants instead.

If Max Payne 3 can be developed without the original team, then L.A Noire 2 could be a possibility too. With the rights to the game, Rockstar does have the authority to create a new addition and make L.A Noire a franchise instead of a standalone IP.

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