Last Of Us 2: 25 Easter Eggs, Details & References You Need To See

Talk about an attention to detail.

Uncharted 2 last of us 2
Naughty Dog

Already finished up with The Last of Us Part 2?

Whatever you thought of the story, you've got to admit it's an absolute technical masterpiece. This is a truly stunning game, and Naughty Dog should be proud of what they pushed out.

They should be even prouder of the amount of crazy details, easter eggs and references they managed to pack the game with too. It's absolutely full of them from almost start to finish, referencing everything from the previous game in the series to iconic movies. There's also time to reference Naughty Dog's back library in the form of pornography, which - while unexpected - was very much appreciated.

We're willing to be you missed more than a fair share of these on your first playthrough. We certainly did, and it gives another reason to go back and experience the story all over again while having your eyes peeled for all those neat little things Naughty Dog tucked away.


Note: Spoilers for The Last of Us Part II are peppered throughout this article. We'd highly recommend finishing the game before you delve in, as there's no way of discussing some things without spoiling the plot.

25. Ellie Calls Joel A Dinosaur

Uncharted 2 last of us 2
Naughty Dog

You'd probably blink and miss this one, unless you remember everything about the first game.

During the section in the museum, where Joel and Ellie and are among the dinosaur skeletons, Ellie will pretend to answer the phone. When Joel questions what she's up to, she'll say 'Oh wait... one of the dinosaurs is here.' and make various quips about Joel being old.

It's believed that this is a direct reference to Joel's dead daughter Sarah, who during the first game sent Joel a very specific birthday card. This card, which featured a dinosaur on the front, said 'Congratulations' on the front and inside said 'You're not a fossil! (yet).'

It's very likely that this dialogue between Ellie and Joel is designed to show her their relationship mirrors that of Joel with his daughter, Sarah. It also has further parallels to that scene, as it's about Sarah giving Joel a present for his birthday - in Part 2, Joel takes Ellie to the museum as a gift instead.


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