Last Of Us 2: 25 Easter Eggs, Details & References You Need To See

24. Joel Is Reading About Space to Impress Ellie

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The Last of Us Part 2 is full of incredible little details that you'd probably miss unless you looked really closely.

One such example can be found in Joel's house, which you get to explore in the aftermath of his death. If you've already played through the game, you'll know that Ellie finds everything about space absolutely fascinating. There's even a section of the game dedicated to Ellie living out her fantasy of being an astronaut.

Turns out Joel, who knows next to nothing about space (as evidenced in the flashback), is now trying to learn more about it to impress/rebuild his relationship with Ellie.

If you look on his bedside table, Joel has the book 'An Idiot's Guide to Space' resting there. It's a fantastic little touch here; despite Ellie ignoring him for the best part of several years, Joel never gave up on their relationship, and is even learning more about Ellie's favourite things to try and rebuild what they once had.

Unfortunately it was never to be; Joel is unfortunately killed before he and Ellie can fully reconcile, although Ellie did promise before his death to start trying to rekindle their pseudo Dad/daughter relationship.


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