League of Legends North American LCS Summer Split Analysis: Week 1

league-of-legends Professional League of Legends players from North America united for the beginning of the LCS Summer Split this past week. This first week was known as Super Week because all teams played their first five games of the split. The teams for this split include veteran squads TSM Snapdragon, Curse Gaming, Team Dignitas, and a rebuilding Counter Logic Gaming. Team Coast, formerly named Team Dynamic, made a great start along with undefeated newcomers Cloud Nine Hyper X, Team Vulcun, and a struggling Velocity eSports. It has been an extremely interesting competition thus far, as some teams were expected to do much more, while others were surprisingly decisive.

1. Cloud Nine (5-0)

Cloud Nine The name of new squad Cloud Nine seems appropriate as they are currently the only undefeated team. Cloud Nine survived a close match against Spring split champion TSM Snapdragon on Day 1, as well as victories over Team Curse, Team Dignitas, Team Coast, and Velocity eSports. Cloud Nine's composition currently consists of Balls in top lane, Hai in mid lane, Meteos in jungle, Sneaky at AD carry, and LemonNation in the support position. The team also has depth - former Team MRN top lane guru MegaZero, who is technically the Best Riven NA, is a substitute. Cloud Nine has consistently received amazing play from all of its starters. Hai has proven to be as lethal as Team Coast's Shiphtur playing Zed. Hai played Zed twice, making Zed a possible target for bans for other teams against them later on. The duo of Sneaky and LemonNation continues to be lethal, as LemonNation's Thresh play is very skilled. LemonNation played Sona with equal skill and consistency. Balls has proven to truly have balls, especially against Velocity eSports Friday night. He played a top Ryze against Cris, which he made work for him surprisingly well. Balls has made consistent plays but also showed the ability to get caught out a couple of times. Meteos proved to be a master of jungle Zac; whenever he played Zac, team fights were always skewed in Cloud Nine's favor. Until someone can find a way to stop them, they are the team to beat for sure.

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