League Of Legends North American LCS Summer Split Analysis: Week 3

league-of-legends This weekend marked week 3 for the LCS Summer Split, and for a change, it was streamed from Anaheim, California. While some teams, such as Cloud Nine, continue to hold their dominant #1 position, other teams, like TSM Snapdragon, fell hard. This week was the ultimate set of comebacks, like the one Team Curse pulled over TSM, and extremely lengthy games, such as one between TSM and Counter Logic Gaming that lasted a little over 60 minutes. Some players shined on each team, while others were forced into bad positions. Overall, it was an unbelievable week of action that helped break last week's five way tie for second in a big way.

1. Cloud Nine (8-2)

Cloud Nine Cloud Nine continues to dominate a competitive North American tournament, as they continue to hold a two win lead over their competition. This lead was established by an undefeated week 1 and a solo loss during weeks 2 and 3. After decisively beating Team Coast and fighting the epic battle against Counter Logic Gaming, they fell to a fed Kog'Maw versus Team Vulcun. Cloud Nine will continue to be a massive force against opposing squads, but a few new things were learned regarding their performances. Top lane player Balls continued his dominance over the top lane against Team Coast, but he had less than stellar performances against Counter Logic Gaming and Team Vulcun. His overall kill to death ratio for the week was 12/18/24, showing his worth in team fights but his in lane performance lacked. Mid laner Hai impressed with a 7/1/13 performance against Team Coast on Twisted Fate, and he continues to be tough to bully out of lane. Jungler Meteos was the most consistently high performer on his team this week, and he was the only one on his team to yield a positive kill to death ratio for all three games this week. AD carry Sneaky was targeted by Team Vulcun, limiting his performance in that game, but he managed some great performances against Coast and CLG. Support LemonNation is surely in the top 3 supports in the LCS currently.

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