League Of Legends North American LCS Summer Split Analysis: Week 4

league-of-legends Another eight games took place this Thursday, as week 4 was completed in one day. This week marked an extension on the lead of top contender Cloud Nine, the resurgence of TSM Snapdragon, and the teams in the middle of the leader board once again clumping together. Some players who played amazingly in Anaheim last week hit snags in their game play this week. No teams were short on plays, and they all put up herculean efforts to win their games. This week, all eight teams played two games a piece to add on to their records. As the season quickly approaches the halfway point, the question still remains if Cloud Nine will skate this whole season as #1.

1. Cloud Nine (10-2)

Cloud Nine Cloud Nine continues to dominate the LCS, taking a full two game lead on every opponent behind them. They went 2-0 this week, beating a strong Team Dignitas and a continuously struggling Team Curse. Meteos, their jungler, continues to be the largest threat on the team during lane phase, while Sneaky, as his name suggests, rises up quietly and takes over for late game. They have only lost two matches throughout the entire tournament, and one has to wonder if Cloud Nine may take it all the way at this point. Is it possible for this team to have a bad week? Top lane player Balls made solid performances on Elise and Rumble during their fully won week. Mid laner Hai played an awesome Jayce, going 11/3/9 against Scarra and Team Dignitas, while also making a 4/1/12 performance on Twisted Fate against Team Curse. Jungler Meteos was the MVP of the team this week, with a 3/1/17 performance on Jarvan IV against Team Curse and a 2/0/13 performance on Zac against Team Dignitas. He contributed to 35 kills this week, while only dying once. AD carry Sneaky played extremely well against Team Curse, going 12/0/6 on Ezreal, while his Draven performance against Team Dignitas was standard. Support LemonNation continues to contribute to kills and win most ward wars.

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