League of Legends North American LCS Summer Split Analysis: Week 7

league-of-legends With three more games out of the way for each team, the road to the playoffs looks a bit more cluttered. It is still a wide open bid after week 7 with no definitive top three in sight. Cloud Nine continues to extend on their lead, while Velocity eSports fell just a bit more behind the rest of the pack. With a bad week for Team Vulcun and a good one for TSM Snapdragon, anything can happen moving forward. As we continue to watch the LCS, it looks as though no one else can capture #1 from the most dominant team in North American LCS history.

1. Cloud Nine (18-2)

Cloud Nine Cloud Nine is officially the most dominant team in North American LCS history with an 18-2 record. They have gone multiple weeks without losing a single game against tough competition, and just when you think they have nothing new to show, they allow Sneaky to play Vayne. With a dominant force and wins over Team Coast, Velocity eSports, and TSM Snapdragon, Cloud Nine looks to be near unbeatable. It is almost impossible to ban them out because their champion pools are so diverse. They are truly a scary opponent and more than a worthy adversary. Top lane player Balls showed off his extensive champion pool this week, going 5/0/11 on Rumble against Velocity eSports, 4/1/6 on Elise versus Team Coast, and 4/1/10 on Ryze against TSM Snapdragon. Mid lane player Hai had an equally productive week, going 9/1/19 on two performances as Kennen and 9/5/9 in his final game against TSM Snapdragon on Zed. Jungler Meteos continues to prove why he is the best jungler in North America. He went 2/0/12 on Zac against Velocity eSports, 1/0/11 on Nasus against Team Coast, and 4/1/15 on Zac against TSM. He died only once this week. AD carry Sneaky continues to front the return of Ashe, going 11/4/22 on it in two games this week. His other game on Vayne was also a success (5/2/4). Support LemonNation is an underrated support who actually contributes to most kills in the game.

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