League Of Legends North American LCS Summer Split Analysis: Week 8

league-of-legends It is coming down to the final couple of weeks before the end of the North American LCS season, and currently, one team has secured first place for the season, a first week bye in the playoffs, and a spot in the Season 4 Spring Split. That team is the ever dominating Cloud Nine. Team Vulcun has a good grasp for the other first week bye unless they lose all of their games on Super Week #2. With Velocity eSports mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, there are seven teams vying for six playoff spots. With so much competition for the last four spots, Super Week (Week 9) will be extremely interesting to watch.

1. Cloud Nine (21-2)

Cloud Nine Cloud Nine has clinched the #1 seed for the playoffs, secured a first round bye in the playoffs, and saved themselves a spot in the Season 4 Spring Split. Communication is key for Cloud Nine, as they tied the total number of wins that front runner TSM Snapdragon received at the end of the regular season of last split. They continue to employ amazing strategies and near perfect teamwork to completely dominate all possible competition. And the scariest part about it is that they may have a few more strategies in their back pocket. Maybe they will reveal one of these in Super Week. They went 3-0 this week, beating a struggling Velocity eSports team, a struggling Team Curse, and an adequate Team Dignitas. Top lane player Balls did not have one of his better weeks, but his 8/1/10 Shen against Team Dignitas was stellar. Mid lane player Hai continues to improve his performance throughout the split (if that's possible) with an 8/7/8 performance on Zed against Team Dignitas, a 6/1/6 game on Kassadin against Team Curse, and a 6/3/12 game on Jayce against Velocity eSports. Jungler Meteos is the best in the North American LCS. He died only once with an overall KDA of 10/1/31 for the week, playing Nasus and Zac. AD carry Sneaky also plays well in any situation, whether he plays on Twitch (6/5/7 against Team Dignitas) or Ashe (8/2/17 in two games). Support LemonNation is one of the better supports in the North American LCS; he helps Sneaky win the tough battles. My only criticism of LemonNation is that he does get caught during bottom lane versus top & jungler but not often.

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