Legend Of Zelda: 10 Best Characters Who Only Appear In One Game

9. Ezlo - The Minish Cap

Midna Twilight Princess

The Minish Cap certainly hasn't attained a reputation for being one of the franchise's best instalments. Still, it's a delightful game with a cult following and a firm place in the nostalgic hearts of those who owned a Game Boy Advance. It also came with a unique and entertaining one-off character.

Ezlo was a Minish craftsman and sage who worked on a Mage's cap before being turned into a hat himself by the devilish Vaati -- his own apprentice. The player stumbled across the character in the early game and wore him as Link's iconic green head topper, with the character granting you the ability to shrink and grow in size. Ezlo then helped the player in their quest to reforge the Picori Blade.

The character manages to win you over through two means, one being his sarcastic nature. He chucks out some decent jokes and generally lives up to the hilarity of being a talking hat. However, on a more serious note, he also provides a powerful connection to the villain, helping to add some depth to the story.


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