Legend Of Zelda: 5 Reasons Nintendo Should NOT Be Remastering Skyward Sword

Why is Nintendo celebrating Zelda's 35th anniversary with its worst game?

Skyward Sword art

It's fair to say Zelda fans everywhere were hyped over the February 17th Nintendo Direct. The fact it was being held on the week of the Zelda franchise's 35th birthday raised people's hopes over how Nintendo would be celebrating this landmark occasion.

When series producer Eiji Aonuma appeared on screen, the gaming world held its breath waiting for what would surely be a landmark announcement. When he revealed what Nintendo had planned for Zelda this year, those held breaths were replaced with sighs of disappointment.

Skyward Sword - the worst Zelda game ever made for a Nintendo console - is returning.

The Wii/DS era wasn't a great one for the Zelda franchise - Twilight Princess is commonly regarded as a franchise lowlight and the two DS games were good, but far from the series' best efforts. However, all of those entries look like masterpieces when compared to Skyward Sword.

From its awful, unappealing art style to its lazy, repetitive game design Skyward Sword represents one of Nintendo's rare misfires. As this list will show, it didn't deserve your money when it was released back in 2011, and it sure as hell doesn't deserve the £50/$60 Nintendo are asking for it now.

5. The Art Style Is Hideous

Skyward Sword art

We've been spoiled by a pair of genuinely lovely-looking Zelda games in recent years. Breath of the Wild's watercolour vistas and timeless, elegant character designs still look beautiful four years later, and the Link's Awakening remake looks like an exquisitely crafted children's playset come to life.

Skwyard Sword though... put it this way. Link's Awakening looked like a beautiful diorama, where meticulously sculpted characters populated an expertly designed world. Skyward Sword, on the other hand, looks more like a collection of knock-off action figures being sold for half-price out of a cheap car's boot.

Seriously, these characters are hideous. Every single member of the cast looks like a claymation model that's just begun to melt in the sun (those lips...yeesh).

Nintendo aren't shy about recycling art styles if there's any merit to them. The Wind Waker's cel-shading got two more outings in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, and Breath of the Wild's engine made a triumphant comeback in last year's Age of Calamity.

Skyward Sword's art direction, on the other hand, has yet to make any subsequent appearances. Turns out that "Morph on bad acid" isn't exactly a great look...


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