Legend Of Zelda - Ranking Every Link From Worst To Best

Whether skyward bound, adrift in time or steeped in the glowing embers of twilight, Link has it all.


Link has been gracing our consoles and handheld systems for over thirty years, and yet he and his adventures have never grown stale.

With stories and game design that combine the likes of Disney animated movies, the legend of King Arthur, and many other fairytales or myths while crafting out an engaging lore all its own thats never afraid to try new things and shake up its own formula, giving Link and his games an identity through out the years that allows them to be distinct from each other.

Always with some new gimmick, personality, design, or any other host of things, Link is not just the Hero of Time, but timeless, thanks to his resourcefulness, courage, and relatability. So join in as we look through the ten best versions of Nintendo's iconic green tunic wearing hero of Hyrule.

Bare in mind, they are placed on this list through a combination of critical and fan reception, as well as personal preference. If there's a tweak on an established version that should be on here I've missed, feel free to mention it in the comments below.

With all that in mind though, who's the finest hero of Hyrule?

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