Lord Of The Rings: 7 Characters Who Deserve Their Own Video Game

After Gollum, tell the tale of Sauron.

lord of the rings sauron
Warner Bros

It's safe to say that Daedelic's The Lord of the Rings: Gollum has taken many by surprise. Of course, no one was asking for a video game that puts you into the shoes of this tragic character, but it's hard to admit that you aren't excited about it.

Seeing more Middle-Earth is never a bad thing, and expanding on the story of this unfortunate Hobbit is a compelling direction to go in. With that being said, he's not the only LOTR character who deserves a little bit of video game love.

The expansive lore and story of the Middle-Earth saga are boundless, so there's a wealth of material to play with.

When it comes to adapting the lives of popular figures into video game form, development studios can benefit from taking some under-appreciated but still well-known characters and exploring new facets of them through gameplay.

Some of the following characters didn't get a lot of the spotlight, and others got almost all of it, but no matter how much development they got, fans would never say no to getting the chance to take control of them in video game form.

7. Legolas

lord of the rings sauron
New Line Cinema

Legolas was one of the biggest issues fans had with the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies. Although people did flock to him and loved how cool and powerful this elf was, there was a tonne of criticism thrown his way as some of his more over-the-top stunts felt more like a video game than real-life. So, he's basically half-way there.

Being an expert marksman can be a lot of fun in gaming, especially when you're taking control over a bow and arrow, so Legolas' skills would be a blast to play as. Developers could even integrate a bullet-time mechanic - similar to Max Payne or Red Dead Redemption - which sees you fire a multitude of arrows at breakneck speeds.

There's a lot that can be drawn out of Legolas regarding his story, as he's one of the more underdeveloped roles in the series. Seeing him navigate his way through classic Elven locations like Mirkwood and Rivendell whilst exploring some of his past as a Prince would make for a thrilling experience - especially when firing his iconic weapon.


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