Madden 20: 7 Rumours You Need To Know

Kiss Longshot's Hollywood story goodbye, because there could be a new show in town...

Madden 19
EA Sports

Another season, another Super Bowl ring for Tom Brady with the Patriots. The NFL sometimes feels like the Groundhog Day, huh? The same could be said for EA Sports' football powerhouse Madden. Despite still being fun after over 30 main line titles, it feels at times like the Pats; the same old reliable Brady is the game's core, just with flashy new bells and whistles to surround him.

Will Madden 20, set for release this summer, fall into the same trap? Maybe, but maybe not.

There are some seriously juicy rumours swirling around that have us excited about the game's potential. Most of them have been reported by Sports Gamer Online, and it's mainly their chatter that we focus on here. These points don't all come from one source though. Series fans have been doing some talking on social media too, and they believe they have the scoop on cover stars, what platforms Madden will land on and more.

Here, you'll get the goss on some Ultimate Team whispers, fresh gameplay mechanics, what the future holds for EA's Longshot single-player and all the news on a proposed new story that'd buck the norm more than OBJ joining the Browns...

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