Madden 21: 10 Ways EA Can Improve Franchise Mode

With a mix of old and new features, this fan-favorite mode can rule again.


After Madden 21 was officially announced in May, #FixMaddenFranchise has been trending a lot lately on Twitter. Franchise Mode has become Madden's forgotten feature due to the focus on MUT. Veterans of the video game are frustrated with what was once a fan-favorite mode. EA needs to seriously revitalize and turn it into the single-player gem Madden fans deserve.

Many of us have fond memories of picking our player's parents in 2006's Superstar mode, running an expansion team in 2002, the first time we stepped up as owners in 2004, or the amazing presentation of NFL 2K5. Is it too much to ask for a rich, immersive experience? What is the point of even including the mode if you're not going to make it fun?

EA need only look to the past to fix franchise mode, but some fresh ideas couldn't hurt. Let's look at 10 ways they can totally make Franchise Mode a fun experience again. As the game will be released on August 28th (or 25th if you buy MVP edition), it's too late to seriously expect any major changes... but here's hoping!

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