Madden 21: 10 Ways EA Can Improve Franchise Mode

10. League History

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One of the cooler (and under utilized) features from recent Madden games is the "Legacy" scoring. When playing "Face of the Franchise", its fun to progress through a career and see how your player stacks up to his peers. Trying to qualify for the Hall of Fame gives us motivation to play through an entire career.

However, league history is mostly thrown away as your progress though seasons. While a player such as Aaron Rodgers could be observed moving up in the record books, once he's retired we only see maybe a "tweet" from the in-game analysts about how he had a HOF career. We don't have any ability to see his stats afterwards, no listing of his Superbowl win, and we won't even be able to see what team he moved to after Jordan Love took over in Green Bay.

While we don't need to be able to pull up the full 1979 Houston Oilers' roster and game logs, it would be nice to be able to have some historical references. Bring back the "team" column in a player's profile so we know where all they played. Give us the list of HOF players (and coaches). Let us see what the league standings have been, award winners, and who played in the Superbowl over the years.

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