Madden 21 Wishlist: 10 Things We Want To See

The next generation of Madden is here. Maybe.

First, an experiment.

Boot up last year's Madden 20, put every option and gameplay slider to its default setting and then play four quarters of EA's out-the-box experience. Unless you enjoy playing on 'Arcade' and don't mind impossibly big throws and catches, it can be a frustrating, unrealistic adventure.

Playing on 'Simulation' with some handy slider guides is very much the way to go for that authentic, real NFL experience, but wouldn't it be nice if EA's own system was rebuilt to feed a little more realism? That's a core complaint in this wishlist of things the next Madden game must have when it launches in the summer.

Don't listen to the haters though. Madden 20 isn't bad, and not every gamer wants a hyper-realistic game of football anyway. Some just want to toss in the disc, have some fun with friends and pop off big plays on every few snaps. It's finding a balance between those over-the-top and sim elements that EA needs to focus on perfecting.

Here's everything the developers must do so series veterans don't begrudge forking over serious cash on yet another rinse and repeat Madden game...


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