Madden 21 Wishlist: 10 Things We Want To See

10. MUT That Isn't Intrusive

Madden 20 Ultimate Team
EA Sports

Hey, do you want to spend some extra cash? Hi, did you know that you can play Madden Ultimate Team? Dude, why not try out MUT instead of playing Franchise? Ultimate Team, Ultimate Team, f*cking ULTIMATE TEAM.

That's EA's approach to MUT in Madden 20.

Intrusive pop ups reminding players they could be playing the cash cow feature are everywhere on the game's menu screens. It's annoying to pay for a full-price release and then get constantly poked into paying more for the same product. Although Microtransactions have a place in modern gaming, they shouldn't be shoved down people's throats every two minutes.

Those MUT popups need to disappear in Madden 21. It's fine for EA to promote it once when players first boot up the game, but being battered over the head with persistent, pesky advertisements is just grating. If someone hasn't opened Ultimate Team after owning the game for three months, then they're unlikely to give it a go.


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