Mario Kart 9: 10 Gameplay Features Fans Demand

9. Bring Back all the Past Tracks

mario kart 9

Mario Kart enjoys putting in a handful of classic/retro tracks into the mix with a brand new coat of paint. It's usually adapted to fit in with some of the new gameplay mechanics as well. Either way, there's a huge back catalogue to exploit.

It's no secret that Nintendo likes to ensure that its previous content retains its value by imposing restrictions. The limited run time of Super Mario 3D All Stars is exemplary of this.

Regardless, we want to see all our favourite tracks brought to us with the power of the newest game engine and the shiniest graphics. They often end up being some of the best tracks within the game, and it won't diminish the value of the previous instalment at all. Because each edition just adds more and more tracks and new ways to play.

If they serve as secret levels that players can unlock, then that would expand the game's life cycle too. Who doesn't want to see Toad's Turnpike re-cast in Mario Kart 9, 10,11,12 and so on with all the bells and whistles?

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