Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC: Predicting & Confirming Every Character

There could be a crazy amount of DLC arriving if the data mine is correct...


Aren’t data mines wonderful things?

It can admittedly be a bit of a pain for developers who want to announce things on their own terms, but it can help players learn some inside secrets too. This has proved to be the case with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, with one DemonSlayerx8 exploring the inner workings of the new Nintendo Switch exclusive.

They've found that there’s an insane 50 DLC character slots in the game, though it’s been widely reported as 49 due to DemonSlayerx8 originally miscounting (the first character is labelled 00, the second 01, etc).

The Season Pass is promising three bulk buys in one, with Marvel Knights, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men all on the horizon. Beyond that, there could be wildcards too.

There’s a handful we already know through official announcements, as well as some discovered by DemonSlayerx8 in their data mine. That still leaves some to predict though, and with Marvel boasting so many popular heroes, some fan favourites may yet miss out.

50 DLC heroes is a massive undertaking, and if the game retains long term popularity, could see a mix of free and paid characters by the end of its cycle.


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