Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC: Predicting & Confirming Every Character

50. Loki

Team Ninja

Status: Confirmed (already in the game)

Loki was revealed at SDCC as a unlockable character, and while he isn’t a DLC character in the typical way we might think, he was released via a free update and, most importantly, takes up one of those 50 DLC slots.

Thor’s mischievous brother does feature in the game anyway as a boss character, but now you can play as him too.

In a nice change from the modern day norm, Loki is unlockable via gameplay, requiring you to beat the ninth chapter and the third Infinity Trial grid, Sigma. Loki has the ability to use frost attacks and clone himself, so there’s a lot to be done with him.

The game doesn’t make it easy though, so good luck!


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