Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Every Character Ranked Worst To Best

Sorry Iron Fist, you're still not cool.


While there'll no doubt be people complaining that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has missed off characters that should have been included (like the Fantastic Four, or a bunch of X-Men), the devs at Team Ninja have done a pretty outstanding job at covering the entirety of the Marvel universe with the 36 heroes and villains that populate the playable roster.

Just about each and every one of them looks and performs great in combat, with their comic-book personalities (or in the case of a scant few, movie personalities) brilliantly brought to life in cutscenes and out.

With their own unique fighting styles and special abilities (not to mention quips), you'll never be able to settle on a core four to battle with for the entire experience. Instead, at every opportunity you'll be swapping characters in and out, both popular staples of Marvel as well as newcomers to the Ultimate Alliance world.

However, some are better than others, with better abilities, flashier finishers and stronger stats, giving you an edge in battle.

Be warned: there are a handful of hidden unlockable characters, and they've been included in the ranking!


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