Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Review: 7 Ups & 6 Downs


7. Combat Is Spectacular


MUA 3 is a classic brawler through and through, so it would be nothing without a solid combat system. Fortunately, the sequel lives up to the same anarchic actions defined by the previous two games, as countless enemies and bosses fill the screen for the players hand-picked team of four heroes to do battle against.

On the surface, the combat is deceptively simple, controlled by regular light attacks, heavy attacks, four specials that are fired off by hitting the right bumper and a face button, and an ultimate ability that's charged by defeating enemies. It's simple, but it works, and there are skills to develop as you learn the best way to nail combos. Attacks feels impactful and fluid, and brawling with Spider-Man for instance, transitioning into a swinging kick and firing down on goons below with your web shooters in one smooth combo, never feels old.

There's added depth with a defensive block and dodge as well, and it's never advised to simply tank up to enemies and try to soak up damage. It's subtle, but there is a sense of awareness and in-the-moment planning required to keep on top of each fight. Likewise, it's always best to combine your special abilities for max damage, which takes a while to learn, but pays off in the late game when you're dominating tens of enemies at a time.

Ultimately though, it's just a joy to play. Fighting a screen full of enemies, hitting them with combined abilities that drain their health - while the stunning particle effects pop off and damage numbers litter the screen - always bring a thrill no matter how much you've played.


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