Marvel's Avengers: 10 Villains It MUST Include

9. Ultron

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Marvel Comics

Ultron is another character that's already been on the receiving end of the movie treatment but, unlike Thanos, enough time has passed for the character to be brought back into the fold without people being sick of him.

What better place is there to begin with, then, than with 'The Birth of Ultron'? It's rightly considered one of the greatest Avengers comics ever and it's the perfect way to introduce not only Ultron to the game but Hank Pym and Vision as well.

After he's created by Hank Pym it doesn't take long before Ultron turns on his master and builds Vision to attack the Avengers, and this could easily play into what the teaser trailer has already shown.

The perfect plan to have the general public turn on the team is just the sort of Machiavellian scheme that you'd imagine Ultron putting into action, and with his ability to literally be everywhere all at once, then it's no stretch of the imagination to put two and two together here.

And if this is the way Square intends to go with the game then it leaves open a pre-written sequel in 'The Age of Ultron'.


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