Marvel's Avengers Not Connecting To Spider-Man Is A HUGE Missed Opportunity

Fans all thought Marvel were creating one shared universe, but that isn't actually the case.

Marvel's Avengers Spider Man
Square Enix/Sony

Marvel's properties have always benefited from sharing a universe. The original comics shared a universe which allowed for characters such as Spider-Man and the Human Torch to crossover in each-other's series for fun stories, and now the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been utilising the same strategy for over a decade, and has seen unprecedented success. This begs the question, why can't the same practice be used for the video games?

After the success of Spider-Man PS4, fans began to wonder if there was any potential for a crossover with the title and the in development Avengers game. While the two games were being handled by different studios and publishers, it didn't seem implausible to assume that the two could share the same universe. After all, there are several references to other Marvel properties in Spider-Man, including a direct reference to The Avengers having moved to the West Coast.

This excited fans as a trailer dropped for The Avengers game at E3 2019 that saw Earth's Mightiest Heroes operating on the West Coast. With neither Insomniac nor Crystal Dynamics confirming or denying the fact the two games may share a single universe, it seemed likely they were holding off on an official announcement. This was not the case though, as in an interview with LAD Bible, Crystal Dynamics' Scott Amos finally confirmed that Marvel's Avengers and Marvel's Spider-Man existed in two separate universes - something that came as a major disappoint to fans.

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