Marvel's Avengers Not Connecting To Spider-Man Is A HUGE Missed Opportunity

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Having the two games share the same universe would likely be difficult to pull off, as it would require the two studios to work together very closely to make sure the crossover was worth it without infringing on the individual games.

Even so, it's still a let down, as having the games crossover in some capacity could've been really interesting. Spider-Man could've been a PS4 exclusive character for the game or the it could feature a mission that sees The Avengers teaming up with an NPC Spider-Man in New York. From Square Enix's point of view it would be sure to boost the popularity of The Avengers title, which fans are still a little bit sceptical about after an initially unconvincing E3 debut.

Some may argue that it would be difficult to pull off due to the different developers' styles and techniques, but on the other side of the argument, it could be awesome to see the two developers come together. Having Spider-Man playable in The Avengers game with a similar move set and play style seen in his own game would be really cool. It's not as if the two games are two widely different genres - such as an FPS and a farming sim - at their core the two games are quite similar.

Even from a purely storytelling point of view the opportunities lost is saddening. With Avengers featuring Kamala Khan as a main character and Spider-Man: Miles Morales giving the spotlight to Miles, it seemed the perfect opportunity to explore the friendship between the two characters that has yet to even be explored by the movies. Additionally, it would be great to see Yuri Lowenthal's Spider-Man quipping alongside the likes of Thor and Captain America.

It's just a shame that this avenue isn't going to be explored by Marvel. It seems more likely that DC will be the first to begin utilising a shared world across several video-games with recent leaks surrounding Batman: Gotham Knights and Rocksteady's Suicide Squad. If Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Montréal are successful in connecting these games, it might not be long before we start seeing individual games for DC characters unrelated to Batman join the Arkhamverse - or the rumoured rebooted version touted by leakers.

If DC are successful at launching a video game shared universe, Marvel are sure to be annoyed that they didn't take the opportunity to do the same when they had the chance.


Do you think Marvel are making a mistake in not creating one, sole video game universe? Post your thoughts in the comments below!


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