Mass Effect: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Shepard

Didn't you know Shep's one of the Galaxy's most prominent serial killers?


Commander Shepard is an iconic character for a reason.

We spent three whole massive games with this character, with our customised Shepard saving the galaxy from the Reaper threat. Whether they looked ridiculous or were super-serious, chose the path of the Paragon or the Renegade, slept with aliens or humans or differed through countless other choices was entirely up to you, and every Shepard is different for every person out there.

That said, there's several hard facts about Commander Shepard that just can't be disputed. Did you know, for example, where the inspiration for Shepard's name comes from, or how Cerberus gets its hands on Shepard's body after the events of Mass Effect 2? Did you know there's a slim chance that you'll meet someone who looks just like Commander Shepard in real life? Seriously. It's weird.

If you delve far enough into the game's development, and Mass Effect's lore, there's loads of interesting facts about Shepard you probably didn't know about.

Join us once again aboard the Normandy, alongside your crew of rag-tag friends and chums, as we delve into those facts you've always wanted to know about your personalised protagonist.

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