Mass Effect: 15 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References You Totally Missed

From the Geth doing the robot to Shakespearean alien plays...

Although very serious in tone, the Mass Effect series isn't always about saving the all sentient life, exploring the galaxy and endorsing every single shop in sight to get a discount. Despite its massive, extended and highly detailed universe, series-developers Bioware still (somehow) managed to find the time to pepper all the games so far with a selection of delightfully obscure easter eggs and little secrets that only the most dedicated fans have managed to uncover. Even though most of us poured hours upon hours into the series already, it's amazing to think that there's so much you might have missed - even with multiple playthroughs. From obscure enemies to dancing characters, it's all ready and waiting to be found. Some are obvious, while others may require you to play all three games on the same system and import your saves to trigger the chance to see them. They're certainly all worth checking out as each is unique, amusing or so downright strange it's worth it for novelty alone. So as everyone prepares for the seemingly inevitable Mass Effect Remastered/Definitive/You'll-Buy-It-Again Trilogy on new consoles, be sure to keep track of all these easter eggs as there'll undoubtedly be even more coming up. Spoilers for the entire Mass Effect series follow.

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