Mass Effect: 15 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References You Totally Missed

15. Legion, Aptly, Does The Robot

Manage to grab yourself a Geth squadmate on your adventures through Mass Effect 2? Despite his cold personality (he is, after all, just one consciousness spread over many units), Legion has a few hidden personality traits that may surprise you. If you keep plodding away with his dialogue options he'll gradually become more open and understanding of what's going on, but if you actually just go to his quarters and don't bother talking to him, something different might happen. Without warning, Legion will randomly start to dance in a robotic fashion, complete with stiff movements usually performed by drunk revelers pretending to be cool on a night out. He'll also beatbox while he does it. This can happen if Legion is part of your team out on missions too, just leave yourself stationary for a while and there's a chance he'll once again be possessed by the irrepressible need to boogie.
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