Mass Effect 4: 10 Features That MUST Return

The elements of BioWare’s series that should remain intact for any future games.

Mass effect 4

Mass Effect is such a special series for so many people. Despite backlash from 3 and Andromeda, the fanbase is one of the most passionate around, and the announcement of another entry would be met with sheer euphoria.

Whether that’s a direct continuation of Andromeda, or the start of something entirely, most of us are desperate for new journeys within the universe we hold so dear.

While there are elements that can be improved with any series, many of which will be talked about here, changing everything should never be the way to go with a franchise. There is still so much potential from the ideas and systems found in the previous four games, and these are the ones that should be essential for the developers at BioWare to expand upon.

There are many distinct directions that a new Mass Effect could take, the potential currently seems limitless, especially approaching a brand new console generation. Hopefully whatever this series looks like in the future not only expands upon these ideas, but creates brand new elements of the series that will exist forever.

10. A More Flexible Morality System

Mass effect 4

The changes that Mass Effect Andromeda were often controversial from those who gave the game a proper chance, but the ambition on display to not rest on their laurels from the original trilogy is appreciated. While it wasn’t flawless, Andromeda had more good ideas and execution than bad, and one of the best ideas it had was branching out from the traditional Paragon/Renegade morality system.

While the system was missed as it led to two drastically distinctive campaigns through the series, the design was sometimes a limitation, especially if you needed morality points to make a conflict resolvable. It limited a lot of choices in favour of always going for the distinct good or bad option.

While the Paragon/Renegade element is incredible, it would be a missed opportunity to not further develop the more complex layered decision making in Andromeda to have greater impact on the galaxy.

Having a sequel to Andromeda or another Mass Effect game in the Milky Way have seismic consequences that only you the player can determine the outcome of, based on your own morality or views on how someone would react, would be a wonderful way to continue the franchise.

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