Mass Effect 4: 12 Mistakes Bioware's Next Gen Sequel Must Avoid

Yes, one of them is the ending!

possible-mass-effect-4-story-hints-in-me3 In 2007, Bioware started one of the biggest new game franchises of the last console generation with Mass Effect, a science fiction game that combined RPG and third person shooter gameplay. While gamers and critics liked it, everyone admitted there was a lot of room for improvement. 2010's Mass Effect 2 was a huge hit, although there were people who felt it was less of an RPG than a shooter. 2012's Mass Effect 3 promised to add more RPG elements and wrap up the story in a bittersweet, but satisfactory bow. Then we played the game and got to the ending. At this point, it's safe to say that you've at least heard of the controversy the game's original ending caused. While the details aren't really essential, what is important is that it tarnished Bioware's reputation in the eyes of the fans and general gamers. And with Bioware already committed to making Mass Effect a cash-cow franchise, that means there's another game in the works. Since the new Mass Effect is still in early production, it's hard to say what the game will be like. Unlike the first three Mass Effects, it is being developed at Bioware's Montreal studio, which made ME3's multiplayer component. While some developers who worked on the single-player campaigns of the Mass Effect trilogy are working on the game, Casey Hudson (the man who came up with Mass Effect) and most of the writers have moved on. That means the game is a blank slate in a lot of ways, but it still has to overcome the sour after-taste of ME3's ending. Because of that, ME4 can't afford to make too many mistakes €“ here are 12 that it has to avoid.

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