Mass Effect: 8 Ways Developers Could Produce A New Entry Worthy Of The Fanbase

After Andromeda, a new Mass Effect game is likely a pipe-dream, but what a dream it could be.


There was a time when the Mass Effect series was on top of the world. The space opera kept gamers hooked with its excellent writing, choice-heavy gameplay and gripping story. It was an original IP that could go up against Star Wars in the gaming sphere and come out smiling.

Unfortunately, this lasted until the point in 2012 that fans had completed the third game in the original trilogy’s campaign. The ending to Mass Effect 3 was universally panned, mainly due to the decisions the player made over three games having no impact on how the story wrapped up. Three near-identical ending paths were available and any of them could be chosen, regardless of the decisions Shepherd had made before.

Then came Andromeda- the less said about it, the better. It was a broken cash-grab that EA and Bioware had crapped out in hopes of making a quick buck from a beloved property.

Fans worldwide have since longed for a true continuation of the saga; great writing, an excellent story and an engine that actually works. The last true Mass Effect games were released on previous-gen consoles. It’s time we look at how a current-gen game could relive the previous successes of this epic series.

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