Mass Effect: 8 Weirdest Enemies (And What They Represent)

H.P. Lovecraft and electron photographs lie beyond the Omega 4 Relay.


Mass Effect has long been one of the lynchpins of science fiction gaming, with the original trilogy being one of the most beloved - and hotly debated - in video game history.

Long have fans looked back fondly on the first entry for its groundbreaking introduction to galaxy defender Shepard, and celebrated the series high and one of the best games of all time in Mass Effect 2. Whilst the third instalment and Andromeda still invoke the wrath of fans the world over, they still go some way to crafting a believable extension of this rich, alien universe, regardless of their issues.

It's undeniable that Bioware made a lasting impression on both the industry and our imaginations with their space-faring adventures beyond the stars. And really, a large part of that is from their innovative approach to character, including some absolutely stellar enemies.

Bioware have created terrifying and strange species to populate their landscapes and meet the business end of Shepard's omni-blade for years on end, but where did they draw their inspiration from? And what real-life influences can we read through their concept design?

Let's take a theoretical stab look at the world of Mass Effect's bad guys. They're only as strange as they look...

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