Mass Effect: 8 Weirdest Enemies (And What They Represent)

8. Citadel & Nexus Species


Whether it's Asari commandos, Turian bodyguards, or Krogan mercenaries, you'll come across plenty that rival your cause over the four mainline games Mass Effect has to offer - so it seems only fair to have a cursory glance over their own inspiration.

Asari, interestingly enough, were allegedly incorporated as a spin on the Orion race of Star Trek.

A nice crayola green and a part of a female-dominated society, the Asari took their iconic role in the Star Trek series and made it into something of their own in Mass Effect, instead opting for a blue hue. Orion are also particularly seductive in the TV show, which the Asari's aesthetically pleasing appearance and stints as dancers early in life also reflect upon.

The Drell were also inspired by pop culture, with Thane Krios seemingly crafted from a template of Abe Sapien in Hellboy - the sexy fish-man answer to the Asari's sexy tentacle-lady creation.

Krogans began life as concept drawings from bats, and Salarians were the classic 'grey alien' brought to life in Mass Effect style, taking the big eyes, spindly limbs, and propensity for science and making it their own.

Turians were inspired by eagles, a military race that plays upon America's own patriotic animal in their appearance.

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