Mass Effect Andromeda: 9 Gameplay Overhauls You Need To Know About

Say goodbye to the Paragon/Renegade system.

Mass Effect Andromeda

As ridiculous as it is that EA and Bioware are treating the next Mass Effect game as something of a 'secret' to be kept under wraps - when its release is just over two months away - we're forced to hoover up preview information from leaked insiders, interview snippets and the occasional chance tweet.

A sad state of affairs, sure, but one that admittedly does make the run-up to said release pretty exciting.

Because make no mistake, Andromeda is quite possibly the most important release of 2017, simply because of its stature as a game that needs to save one of gaming's truly great franchises. Anyone who's played the original trilogy knows of how ME3's ending was one of the most hated in history, somewhat burying the series and putting an end to any interest in future instalments.

That said, this is EA, so of course there was going to be more Mass Effect at some point, and in an effort to make Andromeda feel like an evolution of its various core mechanics, quite a few things have been changed and/or been overhauled. Starting with...

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