Mass Effect Andromeda - Ranking Every Character From Worst To 'Best'

Tempest vs. Normandy. Normandy wins. Flawless victory.

Mass Effect Andromeda Crew

It's not very often you get a video game franchise people actively want to hate, but coming off the back of Mass Effect 3's middle-finger-to-the-face ending, Andromeda was going to have to pull out all the stops to re-right the ship, restore peoples' faith in the property and ostensibly, justify the madness of doing a fourth instalment in the first place.

It did not.

Needless to say, whilst there's a lot to like about the new combat mechanics, multiplayer and overall sense of open-world immersion, Mass Effect Andromeda is markedly worse than the original trilogy that inspired it, more in-line with a copycat Steam project than something made by the same developer.

One of the biggest components of said trilogy's success was an immaculately written cast of characters. Next to the Uncharted's Nate n' Sully relationship or the brommando love-ins of Gears of War's Delta Squad, Mass Effect's first three games had just as many personality-driven high points as it did set-pieces and intergalactic sociopolitical pondering.

Jump to Andromeda and... well, your new crew aren't anywhere near the shiniest of stars like those of the Normandy. They're not all bad, but, well, you'll see...

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