Mass Effect Andromeda - Ranking Every Character From Worst To 'Best'

15. Foster Addison

Mass Effect Andromeda My Face Is Tired

Pegged to be the "Take no sh*t", 'I'll-actively-look-down-on-you-until-you-prove-yourself' commander archetype, Addison's introduction is hilariously bad, not only because her lines are atrocious ("My face is tired from dealing with... everything") but also the delivery ("What happened to... PATHFINDER") and the complete failure on behalf of Bioware to cast an imposing voice, or render a face that didn't look like a balloon with a face drawn on it.

Across the game her arc plays out just as you assumed it would - she eventually learns that you're just trying your best, and that's okay! Huzzah! - yet the execution of this character and everything she's about falls just so flat, it's genuinely amazing how this made it to retail.

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