Mass Effect Legendary Edition - 12 Overlooked Changes Fans Will LOVE

It only took Bioware 9 years to give Tali a proper face.

mass effect legendary edition tali

Bioware have done it.

A studio dogged by their acquisition from EA, the Bioware of the last few years has been a strange beast to watch in motion. Ambling from one passable release (Dragon Age: Inquisition) to two all-out tire fires in a row (Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem), they really, really needed a win.

And what better, cost-effective way to do that, than revisit what is arguably the pinnacle of their collective output - the original Mass Effect trilogy?

Would it be a simple cash-grab; a glorified port of 7th gen games with minuscule upgrades, or a meaningful re-release that polishes flawed aspects where necessary, but keeps the soul of each title intact?

Thankfully, this is a brilliant 4K60 base resolution and texture detail enhancement, but it's also a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater-style redo of the first instalment, bringing in gameplay mechanics and tweaks from the sequels, in a way that makes the whole package essential.

Much has been said about the new gunplay and graphics, but for such a storied franchise with a fanbase scouring every last corner of each title, what are the really tiny changes that make Bioware's work on all three games stand out?

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