Mass Effect: Reloaded & 4 More Gaming Spin Offs Worth Seeing

3. Jak-Ratchet

Insomniac Games and Naughty Dog have made some excellent titles in their day (specifically the 'Ratchet and Clank' and 'Jak and Daxter' series respectively) but did they ever see the potential profits they each could've swallowed up producing a title that merged the two properties together? Jak-Ratchet is a title that would feature four player co-op through levels inspired by the two series. Imagine blowing all those pesky Lurkers from 'The Precursor Legacy' to bits with a 'RH1NO' or making a name for yourself in galaxies unknown with the 'Peacemaker'. The two would venture from level to level accumulating power ups and some form of orb that Naughty Dog would undoubtedly cook up in an effort to defeat Boss A from achieving dominance in Location B and Galaxy C. This title sounds like a goldmine waiting to happen in light of all the success the original titles have had.

4. Megaman First-Person-Shooter

Megaman is a cyborg with a gun grafted to his arm. Why haven't we seen an FPS rendition of the blue goon? With 'Doom'-style matches and the like, the title would feature an impressive array of upgrades that would make for a brilliantly catalogued arsenal ranging from red shots, to blue shots, to... well... yellow shots? The title wouldn't stop there, players would face of against Dr. Wiley in cleverly designed levels that would inevitably end with some form of disappointment for the balding antagonist. The poor guy wouldn't stand a chance against the cast of characters at the gamer's disposal when 4 player co-op is engaged. Seeing as how 'Doom' is an aged title, the mechanics could be fleshed out and made anew in light of modern technology and the like, making for an impressive testament to the human condition - or whatever it is that possesses developers to release terrible games. Click "next" below to read part 3...
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