Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain - 10 Insane New Features You Must See

So, Snake's new best friend is an eyepatch-wearing wolf with a killer smirk.

Metal Gear has remained one of the most notable video game franchises going ever since 1998's 3D iteration brought with it Hollywood-style production and completely unique gameplay. Understandably there are thousands of diehard fans wanting to see what's coming up next, just as much as their are always newcomers wanting to get on board too. For quite a while now the newer direction the franchsise is going in seems to be stripping back some of the gameplay elements for the sake of easier mechanics that anyone can get stuck into, whilst retaining enough depth so hardcore veterans can also master every action. MGS: Ground Zeroes is still a bit of a dividing title because of this, but mainly down to the fact that its incredibly short runtime lead many to rightly label it more as a demo than a justifiable full release. Series' creator Hideo Kojima remained that this was his way of showcasing how the newer style of gameplay would be handled, and for better or worse any who played it definitely came away with a pretty different-feeling experience than what's gone before. Kojima has always had a crazy side too, and with the aforementioned arcade sensibilities pervading the approach to these newer games, at this year's Tokyo Game Show we've seen the biggest unveiling of ridiculously awesome new features yet.

10. Robo-Hand Electric Shock

We just knew Snake's new replacement cyborg hand was going to offer more to him than just an elaborate cigarette-holder, and as the demo shows you can easily sneak up on guys from behind, charge up the attack and knock them out in one motion. It'll surely factor into how frequently you'll be using the Fulton Recovery system, as the only way to bolster your army back at Mother Base is with live soldiers. It's all well and good popping off headshots left and right, but as we've seen with the idea that you can airlift anything from soldiers to trucks and even goats back to base, keeping them alive or disabling them using this new attack is the best way to go if you're out of tranquillisers.
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