Metal Gear Solid V: 11 Hidden Secrets You Totally Missed

Kojima's final instalment is the gift that keeps on giving.

Hideo Kojima is one of the only game developers around who puts replayability to the forefront of the experience. There's not been a single Metal Gear yet that made you feel as though you'd seen everything by the time the credits rolled, and MGS V is the most robust and feature-packed yet, easily the best-playing entry so far. From the open-world exploits you can indulge in with Venom Snake, to the smattering of memorable characters we'll be analysing for years and a story that's all over the place thanks to leaving many plot points on the cutting room floor, The Phantom Pain just begs to be lived in for weeks worth of game time, simply to ensure we've seen all there is. So leave your own observations and secrets in the comments below, but not before you've seen the best little-known features fans have uncovered since release.

11. Take Down The Man On Fire With A Water Pistol

When it comes to Metal Gear's simply ridiculous array of villains, you're either in or you're out, and fireball-throwing 'The Man on Fire' remains one of the weirdest yet. A creature of pure righteous fury brought into being through shear hatred for Big Boss, you'll tackle him in Mission 20, Voices, although he's not so easily brought down... unless you go with your gut and really stick with it. To that end, you're supposed to douse him in water by shooting the various pipes around the level, or you can barrel into him using a jeep and send him careening off the edge of a nearby cliff... or, you can empty around five 'clips'-worth of the water pistol and finish him that way. It's a secret only Kojima could've thought of, but still one of the best - especially considering the game acknowledges your efforts by having Miller joke that it's impossible to pull off when you start out.
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