Metal Gear Solid: Ranking The Boss Battles

35. Vamp (Round 2) €“ Metal Gear Solid 2

The Context: As Raiden is guiding Emma Emmerich across the oil tanker from afar with a sniper rifle, that bloodsucking freak Vamp emerges from the water taking her hostage. The Fight: It's true that this fight directly causes an emotional death; Emma is brutally stabbed in the mid-section while the sniper rifle bullets force Vamp back into the water, but this is single-handedly the easiest fight in the franchise and more of a cinematic moment than a traditional boss fight. All it comes down to is taking some Pentazemin to steady your sniper rifle's aim so you can fire off a few shots to the face. The only real reason this fight makes the list is because technically it is a boss fight, as Vamp does have a health bar, however there's really nothing to it in terms of gameplay, that comes later!

34. Raging Raven €“ Metal Gear Solid 4

The Context: After an extended action-oriented chase sequence with Big Mama driving a motorcycle as Old Snake shoots at various vehicles and enemies, Snake encounters one of the fabled Beauty and Beast Corp members in a multi-floored abandoned building. The Fight: Of all the boss battles across the entire franchise, this is the only one that isn€™t very fun to play. It's actually fairly tedious heading to different floors and shooting at flying enemies; they all resemble Raging Raven so it's hard to tell which one you're supposed to be shooting at, especially when your sonar device runs out of batteries. On top of that the fight feels largely inspired by rudimentary third-person shooter mechanics, and a test of endurance as you slowly but surely put bullets into the Beast. For a series stacked with imaginatively-designed fights, this one is extremely basic and the only truly forgettable fight in the entire franchise.

33. Fortune €“ Metal Gear Solid 2

The Context: While racing to disarm bombs around the Big Shell, Raiden must survive an attack by the invincible Fortune. How do you kill what bullets can€™t get near? The Fight: It's rather humorous that Fortune is given the smallest health bar known to mankind; it instantly invites the feeling that despite bullets not being able to touch her, this is still going to be one quick fight. That is until you remember that this is a franchise by Hideo Kojima; the gaming figure infamous for playfully messing around with his audience. Despite that, this battle simply doesn't rank very high because it's essentially just survival. It's impossible to damage Fortune, so you just spend the two minutes doing cartwheels around the area like an idiot. The scene following the battle where a bullet ricochets off her and into Vamp€™s dome; now that was sick!

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