Microsoft Acquiring EA: 8 Major Things That Could Happen

This is gaming's "Disney buys Fox".

Microsoft EA

It's not every day you get a whopper of a news story like this, but according to a chance insider leaking some valuable information to Polygon, we now know Microsoft are eyeing up a number of high-profile acquisitions. Namely, EA and Valve, with smaller companies like PUBG Corp (the team behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) also in their sights.

Of course, the sheer amount of moving parts required to slot into place is nigh-unprecedented in gaming history, though Microsoft aren't strangers to acquisitions. They nabbed Minecraft's Mojang back in 2014, and have stayed relatively out the way since, only slapping their logo on a handful of advertising materials to remind the public who's at the top.

Back to 2018, and just think about it for a second: Every EA and Valve property, past and present, getting some sort of release - exclusive or otherwise - on Xbox hardware. Not only that, but being able to unify the talents at Valve might mean something as mythical as Half-Life 3 finally happens.

It won't, but we can dream.


Everything is up in the air at time of writing, but if these two titans can come to an agreement - with EA in particular - then the future of gaming will look mighty different.

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