Microsoft X018: 12 Things We Learned

Winnie the Pooh confirmed for Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Winnie The Pooh
Square Enix

Microsoft's much-hyped X018 "fan event" was broadcast from Mexico City Saturday night, and while it was certainly bloated out with awkward interviews and featured an embarrassingly over-enthusiastic crowd clearly directed by a teleprompter (seriously, you could see it), the show nevertheless served up a ton of worthwhile announcements.

The company shed light on upcoming DLC, delved deeper into their upcoming mouse and keyboard support while also plotting out the road map as this generation of gaming begins to wind down.

The phrase of the night was unquestionably "Game Pass", which Microsoft is clearly betting the house on as they gear up to steal the market share back from Sony when the next generation of gaming kicks off in two-ish years.

It wasn't a night filled with megaton reveals, but if you want to skim through the usual conference cringe and get right to the meat of the show, here are the 12 major takeaways from X018...

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