Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor - 10 Characters Who Must Cameo

10. Tom Bombadil

Criminally left out of the Peter Jackson movies, Tom Bombadil is an ancient protector of the forests that had supposedly been around since the dawn of time. Although we doubt he would venture into Mordor himself, it would be interesting if Bombadil were to have encountered Talion before. Perhaps a flashback or interlude of some kind? One of the lead mysteries already being debated by LOTR fans is the identity of the wraith who gave Talion his powers in the first place. Bombadil's immortality would make him a good font of knowledge about Talion's situation and he could perhaps offer clues as to Talion's unique nature. No matter how Monolith use him, it would be nice for Bombadil to finally get some sort of recognition outside of the books and he's certainly an interesting enough character to grab any newcomers attention.

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