Minecraft: 10 Genuinely Mind-Blowing Machines Fans Have Created

From playable guitars to calculators and... a working iPhone?!

Last week, I built a house in Minecraft. I was proud of my house. It felt like an achievement to finally finish building it. Then I had a look at what some other people had built in the same game, and suddenly I didn€™t feel very proud anymore. As it happens, there is a whole bunch of people who are apparently unrecognised geniuses, who can build things mere mortals like myself couldn€™t even imagine in their wildest dreams. It€™s difficult to be satisfied with a single house and farm when there€™s teams of scores of people from around the world building the entire country of Denmark, or a scale model of Minas Tirith. Whilst the builds which are tributes to famous places from fiction or real life landmarks, for my money even more impressive are those creations which *do* something €“ things you can interact with or use, which require a wholly different kind of know-how and skill to be able to build. Here are some of the most mind-boggling machines ever created within the game world €“ and good luck if you want to replicate them.
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