Minecraft: 10 Genuinely Mind-Blowing Machines Fans Have Created

10. The Minecraft Interstate

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asImTDkPWKA At around 5 years old, the Minecraft Interstate is one of the oldest creations on this list, but it stands as a monument to one player€™s sheer will, determination, and bloody-minded dedication to a cause. It€™s the virtual equivalent of digging through a mountain all by yourself €“ which was also involved in the interstate€™s creation, funnily enough. The actual Interstate is a single set of railroad tracks sitting atop a layer of cobblestone. That might not sound very impressive at first. However, you might change your mind when I tell you that the track is just under 8 miles long €“ and that€™s in real-world distance. It takes 30 real-world minutes to get from the start of the tracks to the end, and the journey takes you through mountain tunnels, across rivers, and over canyons €“ all in one long, straight line. According to the creator of the interstate, it took them around 2 month€™s solid work of digging and building to complete the entire thing €“ which is an incredible solo feat. Any Minecraftians out there wanting to make the journey can do so, especially now there are remastered versions around €“ it€™s probably the most relaxing thing you€™ll ever do in Minecraft.
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