Minecraft 360: 10 Things We Want From The Next Update

9. Hunger

From time to time we all get hungry, this can be annoying as it usually means a brief interruption from playing Minecraft, but wouldn€™t it be cool if you could get hungry in Minecraft?! This idea may not sound like much fun but it certainly adds another aspect to the gameplay. The idea of €œsurvival€ in the Xbox version of Minecraft isn€™t really there, it€™s essentially just building and mining while avoiding the various mobs. Hunger adds an element of urgency, the need to feed your character means that every move must be given some thought. Hunger is represented by ten shanks (probably beef, as it in the most manly of the meats) that are placed next to the health meter. Unlike the health, the hunger meter in constantly being depleted with every action within the world; running, jumping and swimming all take their tole on the players energy reserves.